Thursday, October 15, 2009


A week ago today, I was getting ready to go see this...

It was absolutely awesome... I don't think that I have seen a better musical at the music hall in Fair Park and I've been to several. Here's a little taste of the musical... my favorite scene Step In Time. Made me want to be able to tap dance.

Overall... a great birthday... we spent a little bit of time at the fair after the musical. Enough to get our corny dog (or as Oprah called it, Corn Dogy) and try another something sweet which was a fried smore for me. Then we were on our way.

Then on Thursday this past week, the accounting dept at D&B had a day at the fair. So my best bud, Shanna and I roamed the fair and saw all the good shows and ate another corny dog that day. Here are a couple of things that we saw....

A Ford F-150 in shambles from a wreck that two teens walked away from...

The African Acrobats doing their thing, and doing the limbo at 2 feet off the ground...
The Pirates of the Caribbean diving show, where a man jumps from an 80 ft pole into 10 ft of water. Amazing... made me hold my breath.

And my family bricks... Here were are starting with my dad and mom.

My sister and I.

Uncle Jim and Aunt Sharon

Cousin Amy

Uncle John and Aunt Linda

Cousins Heidi and Sean

And the ones who started it all Papaw and Mamaw.
So the story goes that sometime after Papaw passed away and my dad and his sisters were settling the estate, they used some of the money to donate to the fair. This was when I was little bitty as I was not even 2 when Papaw passed away. So if you are ever at the fair, you can always find the Kilgore family on row 256 of the red brick path.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Busy Weekend

Let me start by saying... I just celebrated 3 years with Dave & Buster's on September 13th. A very happy 3 years of employment with a great company I might add. In recognition of my 3 years of service, I was awarded points to spend on a website that had anything and everything. So I choose two items which should hopefully be here by my birthday. So Dave & Buster's furnished my little birthday present to myself... a Vera Bradley Tote and Wristlet. So exciting...
More on the birthday front to come...

So this weekend was busy hanging out with friends. On Saturday, I met up with Sarah, Jessica and Holly to ride together to Shevawn's baby shower. We had some good bonding time and then met up with Jamie & Lana at the shower. The first time that we have all been together since before the summer began probably. Time flies. Here we all are at the shower celebrating Baby McGirl, who will join us in a few short weeks. It was so good to be with everyone again.

On Sunday, we made our way to church on a gloomy day. Zach and I became official this Sunday. Two weeks ago, we checked the box at church and this past Sunday they announced us. We are now new members at Riverside Church of Christ in Coppell. It's been a work in process for the past three months, but we are happy and are really excited about joining in the fellowship at Riverside. A new chapter in our lives. We didn't mean to rush out of church on Sunday, but we had to get over to the Kirksey's for lunch. A last supper of sorts for the official small group. It was a tremendous blessing to be together with the whole group again (We missed you, Jessica & Josh!). We'll have to do this often because we have to see all these little ones grow up.