Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bailey's Pool

Hope everyone enjoys my random post since I don't do it that often.


Friday, May 15, 2009

PowerFM Shareathon

Some of you may know that Zach and I are supporters of PowerFM and the ministry that they are involved in. If you don't... let me tell you a little about it. 89.7 Power FM is a lister-supported Christian Rock station. The are one of maybe 5 stations in the US with this format and they are truly a blessing to our life. Their ministry is to be a positive influence on the youth of this generation and give them something encouraging to listen to in the midst of being a teenager. But it's not just for the kids... Zach and I get great encouragement from their music as well. It's nice to know that there's great rock music out there without the bad lyrics. We have grown to love many of the bands that they play and have been to many concerts as a result of listening to PowerFM's music. In fact, it was at a concert for Hawk Nelson back in 2005 that Zach and I decided we were more than friends. Our wedding songs all came from PowerFM artists and if we hadn't had this station we wouldn't have even known that those artists were out. We have also gotten to know many of the dj's and staff there at the station and their heart is completely sold out for their love of Jesus and this station. So all this to say... if you want to support an amazing ministry, please help them during their Shareathon which is going on right now. You can pledge to give online at kvrk.com or you can call 1-866-787-1897.