Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hawk Nelson is my Friend!

So for those of you who don't already know... I'm a total nerd. At least I think so sometimes. Here's where this comes from... Zach and I got tickets to the Faith Night at the Rough Riders game on Thursday night. Hawk Nelson was in concert and well that's what we were going for... not the baseball. The concert was before the game in the side parking lot and it featured Capital Lights as the opener and then a little diddy by Mark Stuart, formerly the lead singer of Audio A and then headlined Hawk Nelson. It was a great concert as they really put on a good show, but I'll just say Zach and I were some of the oldest people there. I don't even think that Hawk Nelson is as old as I am and I'm not even that old. For the most part though, it was all little teenie boppers and some of their parents with them. Then what made me feel even more like a nerd... I wanted their autograph... so I got it. I know that I was probably the only one my age asking for this punk rock band to sign my cd, but I sure didn't care. It was definitely a great night and a highlight of my weekend. Now for some pictures....

Mark Stuart came out as they were playing Big House... he sang a little bit, but his voice was soo raspy. His vocal cords are completely shot from years of straining his voice with Audio A.

The lead singer, Jason Dunn.

Drums: Justin BennerBass Guitarist: Daniel Biro

The whole Band, Hawk Nelson - up close and personal. What a nerd I am!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Get to know the Shirley's...

This summer our small group has chosen to meet separately as men and women and then we are also hosting get to know you nights. The girls have been faithful about meeting every week since the first of July and well, we won't speak about the boys. ;-) This past Friday, we hosted the get to know you night and were able to enjoy the company of 4 other couples. The Kirksey's, Libby's, Fletcher's and Hindman's joined us for Backyard BBQ, small Shirley slideshow and watching the opening ceromonies of the Olympics. Good times! I must give all kudos to my husband because he did most all of the work on our meal... BBQ Ribs. We had ribs, sausage, grilled corn on the cob, salad and then Zach's favorite, homemade Vanilla Ice Cream with brownies. Thanks Jamie, Holly and Sarah for helping to bring food. It was definitely a hit!

The girls - Holly, Sarah & Jamie

The Hindman's - Jason, Angela, Helen, and Issac

The boys - Aaron, Tyson, Drew & Zach

On a side note... a couple weeks ago, Zach got bored at work. So he took it upon himself to strip the wallpaper in one of the model kitchens and paint a cool design on the wall. So far I think it's a hit with most of his managers and other coworkers. Now I'm sure customers will ask, where can we get something like that done. Well I know just the person who can do it. ;)