Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dallas Auto Show

A couple of weeks ago, Zach and I made a Friday night date of the Dallas Auto Show.  Since we have been together, we have been to the auto show 3 times.  Since cars are such a passion of Zach's going to the car show is a no-brainer and I have fun to.  I love looking at all the new cars and getting to test out what I might like to buy next.  It's a great opportunity to look at any car you could imagine and they are all under one roof.  This year's show wasn't near as big as prior years... yet another indication of the weakened economy.  

So here are some of our pictures...

Me trying to see over the steering wheel, one of my favorite cars, but I don't think that I will ever own one for that very fact.  The front end is to long and high and I can't see. (I won't sit on a phonebook.)
Sitting pretty in the royal blue Mustang.  

Zach though that this little go-cart made from a motorcycle was pretty cool.

Zach's favorite of the night... the Nissan GT-R.  They are in limited production and I believe that they are the street version (US version) of the Skyline.  

Here's the new Camaro... also a very pretty car.  I would drive that as well, but I think that I would have the same problem as the Mustang.  Can't see over the dash.

Jeep's concept car... pretty cool looking.  Very futuristic.

Zach's sitting in the new Challenger... this would be his ideal classic car if would could afford it.

This was Zach's favorite part of the whole show... The Ford Raptor experience.  He did it at the very beginning and again at the end of our night.  I wanted to do it, but the sign said you had to be 5'2" and unfortunately, I didn't meet that qualification.  I know... pretty sad.
The grill of the new Ford Raptor... a mean looking truck, but I'm sure it would be pretty awesome to drive.

And here's the whole truck... good looking.  

Now that I've bored you with photos from the car show, I'll sign off.  Hope everyone is having a great week.  

BTW... Congrats to Drew and Jamie & Baby Lana Libby.  Lana was born on Sunday, March 1st.  All that's left is Holly and Aaron... can't wait to meet Maddy!