Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two weeks ago...

So two weeks ago, I packed up my stuff and headed down to College Station for the first time in my life. I have lived in Texas all my life with the exception of college and I have never been to college station until two weeks ago. Unfortunately, the trip did not include a visit to the A&M campus, hopefully that will come in the fall, friends and football, maybe? Anyway... my mom and I made the trip for a wedding of one of my best friends in the youth group.... Alan and his new bride, Lisa. It was such a sweet wedding and I just couldn't have been more happy for two people. It's amazing to think that they didn't even know who each other were until a year ago. God definitely works his ways! The wedding was also a great reunion of the boys (and some girls) in the youth group. So fun to see everyone in one place again. I was able to hang out with the Nichols' family and see Brodee... love that little man. Neena and I actually got a good pic as well.

The trip was two-fold.... after going to College Station, we drove back home by way of Groesbeck... this sign was actually in Bryan, TX. Anyway... we drove to Groesbeck, so that we could visit my aunt Sharon in the hospital. My heart and mind have been on my Aunt Sharon, Uncle Jim and Cousin Amy for the last two weeks. So keep them all in your prayers.
That brings us to today... Zach is working to write his last paper in Art History. I will be so glad when that class is over with. About 6 weeks left of school... crazy how the time is flying. We are also anxious to find out about Zach's summer plans. Continuously praying for an internship to fall into place for the summer, so that a December graduation can be a definite reality!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Laceration Repair

On this beautiful March day, I woke up and thought I needed to get out in the yard and start doing some work to get it ready for Spring. So Zach and I got up and put on our grubby clothes and got outside. Zach worked on his truck and I decided to pick up some stuff in the backyard and re-pot our little Japanese Maple tree. The pot that it was in had really taken a beating during the harsh winter that we had and it was all cracked and I knew that just by touching it it would fall apart. So I was careful, had my gloves on and I re-potted the tree.

When Zach was done with his truck, he moved the new pot into place and as we were cleaning up the old broken pot, Derby flinched and scraped his leg. Didn't think too much of it, but we did notice that he didn't want to put his full weight on that foot. So we continued to clean up the pot and then I noticed that there was blood. No wonder he didn't want to put his full weight on that leg... it was hurt pretty bad. So we brought him inside and doctored up his leg, but we didn't want to take this lightly. We called the vet and they referred us the the North Texas Emergency Vet Clinic and so off I went, by myself. Not something that I wanted to do by myself as the last time that I ventured to this particular place, my dog was not breathing and ending up not making it. But I fought through it and left Derby in good hands for stitches.

And now with a broken bank (not really, but definitely more than I would want to spend.), our pup's "laceration" is all bandaged up with pretty green shamrock. Too bad they can't just put stitched in a dog like they would a human. The nurses at the clinic joked that Derby's name should be Rowdy, but let me tell ya... he sure isn't rowdy tonight. It's actually kinda nice to have a calm pup laying in my lap for once.

Another type of laceration repair will take place in our house as well... last week, on a whim... Zach and I went by ReSale, the CCA shop here in Lewisville. Zach spotted this chair and I liked it, which if you know me, I'm not a fan of goodwill and/or garage sales, so he was pretty amazed that I liked it. What's neat about this chair is it's very vintage, but yet modern and even better it has storage. You can't tell in this picture, but the only thing wrong with the chair was a deep cut "laceration" in the middle of the seat. We have bought fabric and intend to recover it very soon. Until then here are pics of my little "sewing" chair.