Sunday, July 27, 2008

Brodee Boy

This weekend, I made a trip to Austin to visit The Johnson's. It was so great to finally see their house and to spend time with Neena, Josh and Brodee. He's so precious and fun at this age, 9 months. Neena and I were able to catch up and just hang out. I also got to go to their church, Westover Hills. Good times. Seems like they have a good thing going on there in Austin/Round Rock. Thanks for the good times this weekend... and here are some pics...Brodee winking... the flash was a little much for him.
There's that cute smile that we saw all weekend.
What a cutie patootie!
What a blessing that little guy is to Neena and Josh! Such a great time!

And now... I know that you have all been waiting in suspense... Finally here are some pictures of Zach's projects that he did in ceramics.

His teapot and cups... They are car parts, I believe pistons. But don't quote me on that.

The water feature... Zach's wants to build one off of the deck outside and this will be part of it. One of the vases... my favorite actually.

And here are all three vases that he did.

I really like that Zach is able to create all this cool stuff in his art classes. But here's my question... where the heck am I supposed to put it all! I think that we need a bigger house just for art projects! We'll see! ;-)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bailey's Halfway House

The other day, we were cleaning the base of Bailey's crate and this is what we found in the process. Too funny is all I have to say!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The deck!

So let's go back... almost a year ago. (We actually signed our papers on our house July 9, 2007.) When we looked at the house back in June of last year... this is what the backyard looked like. It's what I like to affectionately call the JUNGLE. I believe there was a post of this at the very beginning. Anyway... we knew that one day it would be beautiful, but it would take lots of hard work.

SOOOO..... that one day is finally here. We have (Zach) has finished building the deck! It's amazing and it's huge. A whole lot bigger than I would have expected, but it's definitely beautiful. Now we must stain it (that's my job). My parents have donated their old patio furniture to the cause and so we'll be adding that soon as well. More pictures to come once it's all finished, but at least it's open for use! ;-) YEA!!!

Side note: Zach has finished his last summer school class. Ceramics is now over and he'll get his grade sometime next week! One more class down. What a great feeling!