Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our crazy dog...

Beware - This video may make you sick from my horrible filming techniques, but it's absolutely impossible to keep up with our dog. This proves Bailey's abilities as a Jack Russell and I think that she could do real well in the Jack Russell Races, but she'll just have to keep dreaming.

Due to the shakiness of my video techniques, I have posted some pictures of the deck progress below. We only need a couple more support beams for the underneath and then it will be time to start the top boards. Not too much longer before we'll be able to enjoy our deck with our family and friends!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

School's out for Summer...

Well I wish that I could say that... Work is still on for the summer for me. And unfortunately Zach is also still in school. So that phrase doesn't really apply, but the fun times of summer have already begun.

Last weekend (May 30-June 1), I got to spend lots of much needed time with friends. On Saturday night, Amy, Abby and Amy's parents came over to the casa to see it and to have dinner. It was tons of fun and Abby was such a cutie pie! Here are some pics from the evening together....

I also got to see the Beller family last weekend. It was the first time that Zach and I had been to their beautiful house. We also got to spend some quality time with Lane and newborn Caroline. Good times... unfortunately, there are no pics to document this adventure.

Zach finished his Maymester course in Sculpture about two weeks ago. He's now started his ceramics course which will be over at the beginning of July. In his 3 week sculpture class, he had to do the following projects... I'd say that they turned out very well!

Project #1Project #2

In other news... we got a new oven as we are slowly trying to replace the appliances that we have. Our new oven matches the microwave that we put in the house and it's just beautiful. Again, a really good deal from Home Depot. Some would call it spaving... Spending so that you can save. I don't care what it is... it's pretty!

I think that's it... I'll let you know when the next project begins in the Shirley household! I'm feeling unloved people... leave some comments!