Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy 29th Birthday Zach!

On Monday, Zach turned 29. Because Zach was in school all day on Monday, we celebrated his birthday on Sunday. We made a day of... first church starting with a breakfast with the Bible class, then worship (which we had to slip out of early) because then it was on to the Rangers game. I wanted to do something fun that he would enjoy that wouldn't be too expensive. So for $16 a seat we celebrated at the Rangers game. This was a pretty pivotal game and unfortunately the Rangers lost to the Angels 10-5. We enjoyed watching from the bleacher seats and we also did some shopping in the giftshop. Zach is now the proud owner of a Josh Hamilton tshirt and I now have myself a Jared Saltalamacchia tshirt. I had to have his jersey because I think it's cool that the name goes all the way from one shoulder to the other. ;-) Here we are enjoying the game....
When we got home from the game, we hung out for a little bit and eventually made Bison burgers which Zach claims to like better than beef. I personally like beef better. My sister got to enjoy the bison burgers with us as she was coming over to pick up her pup, Miley. My sister was out of town all week and we were pupsitting. What an adventure with Miley and Derby dog. Back to Zach's birthday though... he opened his presents from me later that night in the midst of me making his strawberry cupcakes that he took to school with him.

What could it be...
Some TOMS... Make Art, Not War. I felt that these were very appropriate for my artist of a husband. Plus, when asked "if you were to have a pair of TOMS, what style would you like?" His response was the ones with writing on them. There are only a couple like that... so this is the pair that I chose.

This is the other little gift that I had for my honey. I have been meaning to do this for a long while, but I figured that his birthday would be the best time. On Saturday, I got myself a piece of scrap wood from the side of our house and I went to town being somewhat crafty. It doesn't happen all that often with me anymore. So I got the spray paint out and I dug into Zach's painting supplies and this is what I came up with. I had everything cleaned up Saturday night, so that he wouldn't know what I had done, except I forget to put away the spray paint. Still he had no idea. I know that this little plaque is very meaningful. We're going to put a stake on the back and stick it in the flower bed. That way we can take it with us to the next house should we move.

I'll leave you with some pics of the pups during Miley's visit last week.