Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bailey's new pet

So this past Friday, October 10th was my birthday. For that special day, we thought we get Bailey a new pet (or toy, whatever you would like to call it). Here's the opossum that we caught for Bailey's pleasure. Actually... that's not it at all... last weekend I was pulling weeds in the front flower bed and I reached behind a plant to get a weed when I found a huge mound of dirt. I proceeded to yelp and then have Zach look back there because there definitely shouldn't be that much dirt displaced in our flower bed. As Zach went to look at the dirt, he stepped in the flower bed and immediately went down a foot in the dirt. Something was digging.... and it was a giant hole! So we put my dad's live trap to work. It rained on Monday and washed away our bait... we didn't re-bait the trap until yesterday and this morning... we caught ourselves this little beauty. He's actually very ugly... and every time you get close to it, it freezes up. Playing opossum as they call it. So tomorrow animal control will come and get him and then send him to the wilderness (of which there really isn't any wilderness close). Then we'll re-bait the trap and see if we can catch something else. Maybe we'll have another pet for Bailey. Disclaimer: Bailey has not even seen this little guy because I think that she would flip out!

So let's rewind to last week... Thursday, October 2nd. The Kirksey's, Shirley's and the Hindman's went to see the Music Builds Tour with Switchfoot, Third Day, Jars of Clay and Robert Randolph & the Family Band. It was at the Center, which is at the State Fair Grounds. So we left at 5:25 from Dave & Buster's and got there at 6:10 during the 2nd to last song that Jars was singing. At least, we got to hear the best songs off their latest album. Up next was Robert Randolph... I only recognized one of their songs and I really couldn't handle too much of them because they were soo stinkin repetitive... I mean haven't you heard of songs with lyrics! Anyway... then came Switchfoot... they were awesome as always! I believe this is now the fifth time that I have seen them in concert and it never gets old! Love them. Then the headlining show... Third Day. There were definitely some classics and then some new ones as well! It was over an awesome show and a great time to enjoy with the Kirksey's and Hindman's! And some pics from the night....

Tyson & Sarah

Zach & I

Angela & Jason

Helen waving the cell phone

The Kirksey's & The Shirley's

So back to the original part of the post... Friday was my birthday and Zach treated me to a special day! Flowers when I got home... a new coffee table... two cds... and dinner at Patrizio's. It doesn't get much better than that! I love you honey!

So here's to a great start to October... I'll let you know if we catch anymore critters!