Monday, August 24, 2009

Finished Product

The bathroom is finally finished. These are just a couple of pictures of the finished shower. It is now completely finished with touch up paint done, stuff put back on the walls, and the rugs put down on the floor. It's so wonderful to have two working bathrooms and I'm sooo pleased with the finished product. Thank you so much honey for your hard work!!

We already have supplies for the next project which I intend to start on soon. We will be replacing the stairs with wood treads instead of carpet. It's a pretty big project, but it is desperately needed as the carpet is really old and gross. Always something to do.

For all those teachers out there, I hope that you're first week of school goes well. To my honey, I'm excited about this semester of school for you because it means that we are going to be that much closer to the finish line. Zach's schedule will be rough this semester, but with all art classes I have no doubt that he will enjoy it.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Six Flags & Such

Last weekend, Zach had the rare occasion of three days off in a row and he didn't even ask for it. So we took advantage of it... I took off last Friday and we enjoyed ourselves. Friday during the day was spent on the bathroom. Painting baseboards, and putting the shower walls up as well as installing the washer, dryer and toilet.

Saturday, Zach and I spent the day at Six Flags... It had been at least 5 years since I had been there and for Zach probably 10 or 15 years. It was soo HOT, but it was so much fun to just be together and hang out at a fun place. We decided it was a great weekend to go because we got to see Toby Mac/Kutless in concert. That was definitely the highlight of the day. Some things that we noticed while there... 1) a $16 hamburger & coke to split between two people really isn't that good and 2) they make you put your backpacks/purses in a locker at each of the big roller coasters for $1 each locker. So lessons learned are... don't bring a backpack/purse with you, and eat outside the park. But other than that Zach and I had a wonderful time!

Here we are waiting in line for the bobsled. This was at the beginning of our day and as a result we don't look quite so tired.

And here's the exhausted end of the day look. Sunburnt, and sweating... but ready to enjoy the Toby Mac concert!

A couple of peaks at the progress in the bathroom. The tile on the floor is completely done and therefore the appliances and toilets were able to put back in place. Very thankful to have that extra toilet in the house as well as be able to wash clothes at my own house.
This is the tiled shower walls with no grout. Zach was busy doing the grout on this today. No more peaks until it's finished!!

An update on our Derby Dog... he's doing very well adjusting to his new home. He is really getting the hang of potty training and he has already learned to sit and lay down. He loves his toys and has strewn them across the entire house.

You'll notice that his ear is down now... we think that this is a result of being a little more relaxed. I think that being in a new place stressed him out a little and the muscle in his ear just wouldn't relax. I think that he's decided that he likes us and let his ear down just for that reason. ;-) He's so sweet and soft and cuddly. Sometimes it just makes me want to hug and squeeze him so tight.