Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yesterday was a special day. Not only was it binary day 101010, but it was my 29th birthday. So in honor, here are 10 pictures to document 101010.

My birthday gift from Zach was a pair of cranberry TOMS wedges and Beauty and the Beast.

So glad to finally have my very own pair of TOMS.

My actual birthday was at 10:10am on 10/10/10!

Ate lunch with the church bunch at Potbelly's.

Claire gave me a big smile for my bday.

Derby helped me do the laundry.

Watched the rangers lose game 4 in the division playoff game. (They must pull off a win tomorrow night.)

Made hotdogs for dinner.

And watched Beauty and the Beast in our backyard on the big screen that Zach rigged.

A great way to end my 29th birthday on 101010!

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