Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chi Omega Christmas Market

I just got back from a great shopping trip with my friends and sister to the Chi Omega Christmas Market at the Dallas Convention Center. Some of things that we saw there, and bought there....

Underwrapped - features boxes, ribbon, toile, and wrapping papers for all occasions. I stocked up on some toile for this Christmas wrapping season.

Happy First - had sweet little onesies and also adult clothing and is the inspiration of a cancer survivor. Cute and simple designs... it's what I like.

Annie's Metal Outlet - where I found this cute ornament, which I have added Derby's name to so that he can be part of the tree this year.

Cherchies Specialty Foods - Where I got this and hope that it's a good addition to my Thanksgiving meal which will be prepared next week...
Cranberry Mustard

Loca Lola's Revenge - Which had all sorts of felt purses, but I couldn't see myself carrying, but I did buy these two items. A thin little scarf and a felt flower pin.

Sunny Mays Reversible Bags - Where my sister got this super cute bag... but I couldn't justify getting because I just got my new Vera Bradley (mentioned in a previous post.) One bag with two designs... love it.
When I saw just a few... I mean just a few. It's a very large market of all sorts of boutique gifts and handmade items. What fun. Hope that this is a tradition to continue.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Happenings (& More)

The last week has been pretty busy around here starting with last Friday, Oct 23rd. I took the day off and Zach had the day off from work, so we took advantage of our time together. We went to a museum for his photography class, then we went to Doug & Linda's ski shop to get our ski pants for the big ski trip at Christmas and then we ventured to Dave & Buster's Frisco for dinner with friends. It was a great day spent with Zach and I was thrilled to get so much done. We had dinner with Justin & Amanda and the girls and had so much fun playing games with the little ones. For old times sake, Amanda and I got a picture together. As always, Amanda had to stoop (sp?) down to my level. Always good times with the Beller's, just wish that we would see each other more often.

Then last Sunday, we went to church and spent the afternoon with the McSpadden's so that Zach could take some pictures of Shevawn while McBaby was/is still in her tummy. Fortunately, this was a good thing for both of us... Shevawn needed pictures, and then Zach found out that his next project in photography was portraits. How perfect! You can see the pics that Zach took at their blog... but here's one of Shevawn and I.

Zach spent most of last week staying up real late as many of you know by his facebook posts... here's what staying up late does to my house (and if you know me well, I'm not a big fan of this chaos. I like order.)

That brings us right up to Halloween... I don't have any pictures on Halloween night, but here's my attempt to dress Derby up as the Dragon. He was not a big fan of his costume as you can tell. I didn't dress up for Halloween, but we did have a costume contest at work on Friday and I dressed up as a gondolier (my parents brought the shirt back for Zach from their trip to Venice). The winners are below... 1st) The Joker, 2nd) The Clown, and 3rd)Scary Larry.