Thursday, February 19, 2009

Silly puppy

On Tuesday night, Zach and I were just sitting there watching some tv when we noticed that Bailey was being very antsy and nosey.  She likes to get behind the entertainment center a lot, but we had never seen her attempt this one.  As we are sitting there, she just crawls into the space that the PlayStation 2 sits in and stays there for about 5 minutes.  Zach pulled her out because we didn't feel like this was the best habit that she should get it.  She's a crazy dog!  

(Don't mind the dust on my coffee table that you can see.  It's the bad thing about having black furniture.  Though I love it dearly.)

In other news.... Camryn Joy Kirksey was born on Sunday morning, February 15th.  What a great Valentine's Day present for the Kirksey's.  Happy Birthday, Camryn!