Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This is a post about nothing and everything... we have survived the tornado of 2009.  The sirens definitely went off, but the tornado did not touch down near our house.  Just tons of rain and flickering lights.  Kinda scary and especially when you see the room below that we were sitting in during the massive storm.  Let's just say, I'm glad that I left work when I did.  Would not have wanted to be outside or on the road during that storm.  Everyone is safe though, so now on to the post...

So about a month ago, all three babies actually showed up to our small group.  Little do they know that they will be best of friends... here they all are... Camryn, Lana and Maddy.  BFFs. 

So this past weekend, Zach's parents were in town for a visit.  We had a good time and while they were here the men went to work, while I was at work.  Zach and his dad tore out our back door and replaced the entire door frame.  The door now shuts with ease and there is no more rotting wood.  Very good thing.  The sad part is that the door frame that they ripped out was only from 2001.  Good thing that we don't plan to be in this house for 10 years.

So the parents were on their way on Monday morning and by the end of today this is what Zach had done...  We are now well on the way to starting the next project in the Shirley Renovation.  We are going to redo the shower in the guest bathroom as well as lay new tile on the floor.  Right now, it's laminate flooring in the bathroom/laundry room and we want it to be more water resistant.  Hence the reason for the tile.  We have had the tile for about a year now, and we are just getting around to doing the job.  So here's the start...

Looks like a pretty big mess right?!?  It's real hard for me to because I feel like my life is in disarray with all these projects going on.  Could we just finish one before starting another... it's all I ask??

One project that I feel good about is the outside of our house.  Sure there are many things that could be done... paint, weeding, new number sign, ya know the works... but I feel really good about how our house looks right now.

And here's our Bailey girl.... sadly she is not with us tonight because she spent the night at the vet.  She got fixed this morning after us having her for over 3 years.  It's about time.  I'm hoping that it will calm her down and prolong her life.  ;-)
Her last meal before the procedure this morning.  Hopefully the vet is taking good care of her.
Well must get to bed... and because of the storm tonight, we have visitors.  The Kirksey's and baby Camryn are staying with us due to the lack of electricity at their house.  Guess we should have waited just one more day for the bathroom tearout.  Oh well.