Saturday, May 24, 2008

Shirley Projects - Summer 2008

As promised... here are pictures of the house and ongoing projects...

Here is the house with the solar screens. Our house faces the west and we get some incredible heat from the afternoon sun. These screen block 80% of the suns rays from getting in the house. They are supposed to help our electric bills and they also provide a nice cosmetic touch to the house. Compare this pic to the Mother's Day pic in the previous post. We got them from Texas Solar Screens at a 33% discount that they were running. I thought that it would be really expensive to get something for those octagon windows but it really was not that bad at all.

Now the fence... it's been a major feat to accomplish here at the Shirley house. It's taken several weekends, but it's finally coming to an end. Here is it from every angle...
Zach still has to build a gate here in the corner that will open towards the alley. This way we won't have to walk all the way around the fence to get to the front of the house.

The back side....
This is taken from down the trail behind our house. It's really to point out that you can't see the back door if you are coming down the trail. Used to people could see straight into our backyard... this was before the retaining wall was built.

The wonderful gate that works and shuts very easily. As you can tell from this picture, Zach still has to trim some of the posts down and cap them off.

This will be my job... probably with Zach's help though. We'll be staining the fence . ;-) So let me tell you why it pays to have a husband that works at Home Depot. No we don't get an employee discount... he gets many other benefits that make up for that fact though. This is why it pays... Adam who works at the paint desk let Zach know that someone brought back a 5 gallon bucket of stain that they didn't like. You can't get your money back on that and then the store can't sell it for full price because the color has already been added to the bucket. So we got a 5 gallon bucket of stain originally priced $150 for $15. It's called Opps! paint... great deal. The paint counter at Home Depot will always have some paint cans like this, but they may not be this great of a deal. So anyway... even though it may not have been the color I would have originally chosen, it was only $15.

So the next project to be started is the deck that will go on the side of the house. I'm really excited about this because it's going to make the yard look so nice. The giant recycle bin will also be moved once the deck is built.

Here are all the supplies for the deck. The holes are dug... it's just a matter of Zach having time.
We are project kings and queens. There's never a dull moment that's for sure. Hopefully Zach will have some more time in about a week. He'll be done with his Maymester class next week and will then only have 2 hours of class a day for the month of June. Also, another praise... Zach is now working full time at Home Depot. This has been something that we have been wanting for several months now and it's finally a reality. It's a very good feeling! I hope that everyone else is having fun with their summer projects. ;-)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend 2008

I know I'm a week late on this one... but here goes nothing...

Mother's day weekend, Zach and I were concert machines. On Friday night, we went with my sister to Taste Addison and saw Switchfoot. Awesome concert... could see them tons of times and it wouldn't get old. This was actually my third time and Zach's second time to see them in concert. They performed all their biggest hits... Meant to Live, Dare to You to Move, Gravity, Stars, This is Your Life.... and they also performed their newest song, This is Home which is on the Prince Caspian soundtrack. Definitely my favorite concert of the weekend!!

A week before Mother's Day, Zach won tickets from our favorite radio station, 89.7 PowerFM, to go see Manic Drive and Eowyn. So that concert was on Saturday night in Greenville, TX. After much hesitation(the drive is about an hour), we went to the concert. It was super small, maybe 100 people+. I'm not good at estimating... but you know it's small when the band members are sitting in the audience with you. Zach and I sat at the back of the auditorium to spare our ears from bursting. We still saw everything just fine and we definitely didn't have any problems hearing the concert. So here's what we saw.... we got there as this band, The Cost was performing...(don't be fooled by the banner in the background... these are all different bands.)
Then this band, The Vow performed. There were really good. Probably the most mellow of the night. Zach got one of their shirts.
Then Eowyn performed.... you can just barely see her in the middle holding her microphone. She's got a big hit out on the radio right now called Silent Screams and I'd have to say I really like it. She put on a pretty good show. If you haven't heard of her, she sounds a lot like Evanescence maybe a little bit harder.
And then finally the headliner... Manic Drive. I had tried to get Zach to go with me back in January to the PowerFM benefit show to see these guys play, but that didn't happen. I knew that I knew a lot of the songs they play, but I didn't know just how many until I went to the concert. Practically every song I knew. That's always a good feeling! ;-)

That about wraps up the concert mania... after we got home from Greenville on Saturday night, I had to start getting the meal ready for Mother's Day. Zach and I peeled shrimp for about an hour when we got home and didn't end up going to bed until probably 1am. After church on Sunday, my sister, Zach and I prepared the meal for my parents. Grilled Shrimp Kabobs, fresh corn on the cob, grilled zucchini, fruit salad, and rolls. My mom loved it. I'd have to say we did a pretty good job on the shrimp kabobs since we had never done that before. It was fun!

And to top it off... I got Zach to take a picture with me on Sunday in his Sunday best. You can see our pretty oleanders to the right. The day after this picture was taken we got our solar shades installed on our windows. I'll have to take a picture to show the difference. It really makes the house look great and I think (I hope) that it will help with our electric bills. ;) Anyway... next post... an update on the fence and pictures of the solar screens! Happy late Mother's Day to all my friends out there!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Spring is in the air...

The fence is coming along slowly but surely. Today, my dad and Zach are going to work on putting up lots of panels. I will be glad when we can let Bailey out in the backyard to run free... it's gonna be a little while though.

The next project in the planning stages is a deck on the side of our house. It will be built between the house and the fence where the original jungle was when we moved in to the house. See blogs from the beginning of our house projects for the jungle.

This week at work, we had a play day on Thursday. We loaded up at noon and went to the Rangers game. The Rangers won, amazingly and we all had a great time... here's some pictures of the fun!Shanna & I

Suzanne, Alissa, & Brian

Jeffrey, Chase, Jami & Jay

Tanis, Mike & Joni

We had so much fun on Thursday that we had leftover drinks and food for Friday. We made popcorn and opened up the coolers for a Friday afternoon party on the patio at work. It's nice to work at a place that's all about Food and Fun!

I'll leave you with this... our oleanders are blooming. I love it! Spring is in the air!