Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lifelong Friends

What an amazing time!! This weekend, I got to spend several hours with some lifelong friends, Neena and Kristin. I had seen both of them fairly recently, but I haven't been able to spend an extended period of time with them in a very long time. So, now that Neena has moved back to the great state of Texas we all went out on Saturday night. We spent a couple hours at the Nichols' house before we left so that we could see precious Brodee Boy. Then, I took the girls out for a night at Dave & Buster's. It was such a great time of "do you remember when" and "where are they now." I bet that we could have talked all night. Thanks for a great time!

Here Neena is making Brodee smile... look at that sweet face. Those eyes look just like Neena.
The girls back together again... what good times!

I think that my flash scared him... he's a little bit of a deer in the headlights here. ;-)
So last week, our puppy dog went into heat again. It's not something that I would normally share on our blog, but she's just so pathetic. Here is her normal position for the last week.... all curled up behind the cushions. She just doesn't feel like moving.
She's such a stinker, but you can't help but feel sorry for her when she looks like this.
We have decided to get her fixed after this cycle. There's no need for her to suffer anymore because we aren't going to breed her. So Bailey, hang in there, not too much longer.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A GREAT start....

So 2008 is off to a great start.... a year of new beginnings.

Zach has started his classes at TWU and is ready to get a plan in place to complete this degree. He got his official acceptance letter on Thursday after he had already been in classes for 4 days. We are thrilled... it's a letter that should be framed, but we'll just wait to frame the diploma. ;-)

We have finished two of the projects mentioned in the earlier post and we are only 19 days into the new year....

First off, the guest bathroom....

Here is the original bathroom when we bought the house...

And now what a difference lots of paint and love do....
I really love the tile that Zach used and eventually we will tile the floor in the bathroom using the same stuff. It looks very clean and modern... love it. ;-)The dresser....

This is the dresser in its original form. Zach bought it at CCA (Christian Community Action) for a good deal. I didn't want the dresser at all, but since he had already bought it I decided to make a project of it. If I was gonna have it in my house, it wasn't going to look like this, so.....
These are the hammer holes in the drawer... I don't know what the owner was trying to do, but they really messed it up.
So we filled the holes, primed, painted and replaced the knobs, and now here's what we have....
I'm pleased with it now and I'm very glad that Zach now has a place for his clothes. They have been in plastic drawers in the closet. Now our closet is less cluttered and we have lots more space. It's wonderful.

Hope you enjoy the progress... it's amazing how far our house has come in only 6 months of ownership.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Hats off to Zach!!!
I would like everyone to know that Zach has been admitted to Texas Woman's University to finish his degree plan in Graphic Design. We are on the course to a degree to finish in about two years!!!

YEA, Zach!!! I love you and I'm very proud of you!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

In 2008....

Long time no blog... we have recovered from Christmas and are getting settled in to 2008. I was off for a week and half for Christmas and in doing so, I was off from the world of blogging. We spent the entire break Christmasing...

Saturday before Christmas: Christmas with Ganky & Granddaddy... my grandparents.
Sunday before Christmas: Zach and I exchanged our presents to each other.
Christmas Eve: Spent the day with my parents and spent the night at their house.
Christmas Day: Opened Presents with my family... then the traditional movie, Charlie Wilson's War.
Day after Christmas: Christmas with the Kilgore family
Thursday after Christmas: Clean for the in-laws to come.
Friday: Christmas with Zach's parents at our house!
And finally Saturday was a time to relax from Christmasing... we did returns and shopping. Good times.

New Year's was spent playing games with our good friends, the Kirksey's and the Libby's. Good thing we were being active or I would have been asleep before 12am.

So that brings us to now... Zach and I are getting in the groove. Current projects in the Shirley household....

1. Paint Guest Bathroom Cabinets and eventually get new counter top. (Sink and faucet have already been bought.) As you can see... one cabinet has already been sanded and is ready for paint!
2. Paint Dresser for our bedroom.
3. Build a new fence.

Current plans for the year...
1. Get Zach in school... we're still waiting to hear from TWU. (school starts real soon.)
2. Maybe go on a trip sometime. (don't know where or when, but it would be nice.)
3. Eat better and plan meals.
4. Fix up the backyard for this summer.

Well, I hope that everyone's new year is going well. We looking forward to a great 2008! I'll keep ya posted on how these projects go!