Sunday, April 19, 2009

Long time no post...

Right now, we are transitioning from Zach's old PC to a Mac and I just haven't been able to post because I couldn't get to all my pictures... needless to say, there are still pics that I can't get to.  So since the last post... my parents and sister went to London for a week and Zach and I dogsat Miley, my sister's yorkie.  See pics below.  Bailey and Miley play really well together and they are good cousins to each other.

As you can tell... they would wear themselves out from playing so hard... this is what they looked like generally by the end of the day.  

So upon returning from London... my mom and Zach and I rushed down to Waco, Tx where my Granddaddy was in the hospital.  He had been in the hospital the entire time that they were in London and I was checking in on him by calling daily so that I could give my parents updates.  When my parents got home on March 19th we went down to Waco and got to spend time with my Granddaddy.  The word from the doctors was looking to good as his kidneys were failing and his heart was not fully functioning due to congestive heart failure.  We basically were there to say our goodbyes because he was not doing well and his wishes were to not be on machines. So on Saturday March 21st, we said our goodbyes and Granddaddy said he was proud of all of us.  It was an emotional time.  On Sunday, March 22nd they made the decision to remove him from machines and move him to a room where he could rest and be with family.  He got to see all his church friends that afternoon and by the evening he had slipped into a coma.  In the middle of the night on Sunday, he passed away.  It was a somber time, but yet very incredible.  My Granddaddy was a great man of Faith and a pillar of strength in the family and he knew where he was going.  He had commented that he just wanted to Go home and that wasn't home to Groesbeck.  He was ready and at 90 years old, he had definitely had a full and complete life.  So we said our goodbyes to a great man that we will meet up with one day in Heaven.  His funeral was on Wednesday, March 25th and it was a wonderful memorial to his life.  And with that... insert pic of Granddaddy and me at our Wedding ( I can't get to this pic right now.)

About a week after the funeral, my parents were out looking at new Ford trucks and low and behold they came home with a shiny new Ford F-150.  It's a beauty and because of that new purchase we are now the proud owners of a 2001 Red Ford F-150.  Zach's old Honda Prelude was put up for sale on Craigslist and he then started driving this truck (which is much more reliable) back and forth to work and school.  It's sooooo much better!  We are so blessed to have gotten this new to us truck!

Fast forward about a week...  we headed out to Searcy on April 10th for Spring Sing weekend. We were excited to stay with Beth and Logan Light and see their "new" house there in Searcy.  We also got to see Mark & Kristen Sullivan and their baby girls.  We had a relaxing weekend being away from it all and being in the Harding Bubble.  Zach's parents met us on Saturday for the show.  We had a great time hanging out in Searcy and catching up with them.  Unfortunately, his brothers were unable to meet us there.  It was still a great weekend though. Zach and I got a great pic in front of the Azalia's and I got some blurry pics of the show.  

Here's the hosts & hostesses... introduction to Juvenescense. (sp?)

And the Mary Poppins sketch by the hosts and hostesses.

And of course, the best part... the Finale.
We had a great Easter weekend and were glad to have spent some time there in Searcy.  The show was great and Zach's club, TNT swept the show.  

We have made it through another week.  Zach sold his car this past Wednesday, so we are now back to a three car family.  Zach's busy with school as there are only 3 weeks left for his projects.  I have had a very busy week with work because we just filed our 10K Annual Report.  So glad to have that behind us!  Now I can breathe and maybe now I'll update more.  Until that time... TTFN!