Sunday, September 25, 2011

4 months old - September 21, 2011

The boys turned 4 months old this past week!  My how the time has flown by.  They shared their 4 month birthday with their Daddy's 31st birthday.  It was a special day for all of my men.  The boys gave their dad a special gift of tickets to the Rangers game on Friday night.  I bought tickets for Zach since we have missed out on our Rangers games this year due to some very special little boys.  The last one that we went to was in April the week before I went on bedrest.  

So in honor of their gift to their dad, they wore their Rangers gear for their photo shoot.  I was glad that they were able to wear this gear since the morning of Ellis had a huge blowout and got his outfit dirty.  Thanks to Daddy's washing skills it was clean for our photos.  

Truett (L) and Ellis (R)
Truett (L) and Ellis (R) 
 This week Ellis really found his sense of humor.  The day before his birthday, Zach really got him giggling good.  He was giggling so hard at his daddy pulling his shirt over his head and waving his hands around like a silly man.  He also made some growling sounds at them to get them going.  Truett was slightly scared of the growling though and even got a very worried look on his face like he was about to cry.  We're going to have to work on Truett's giggle.

Truett really is a happy baby, you just wouldn't know it with this picture.  He was caught at the right time for a mug shot.  He was the first to smile for us and now he's working on his little personality.  

Truett (L) and Ellis (R)
Truett (L) and Ellis (R)

So not only did Zach get Rangers tickets for his birthday, but I got him this really cool ring called The Gear Ring.  Zach had shown this to me last year and I had considered getting it for him for his graduation, but decided on something else.  I figured that now would be a good time.  He really likes it even thought I completely got the wrong size.  We're shipping it out the week to get that issue resolved.  It has gears that actually work and I thought that it was perfect for my creative husband.  

The boys went to their 4 month checkup on September 22, and did wonderful getting their third round of shots.  Such big little guys.  Here are their stats for 4 months old:

Truett Reid
12 lb 8 oz (10%)
23.5 in long (5%)
42.75 cm head circumference (63%)

Ellis Jay
12 lb 15 oz (15%)
23.25 in long (4%)
42 cm head circumference (45%)

Apparently, our little men are small with huge heads.  The great thing is that they made it on the charts for their age group.  Since they were 8 weeks premature that's a big accomplishment.  Their weight is looking really good.  Their looking pretty short for their height, but this could just be a hereditary gene that they have picked up from their momma.  We'll see as the years go on.  Overall, their doctor was really impressed with their growth and told us to keep up the good work.  Our next big thing will be starting rice cereal at 5 months old.  Looking forward to that day!

Ellis (L) and Truett (R)
Truett (L) and Ellis (R)

We're really proud of how far Truett and Ellis have come over the last 4 months and can't wait for the months to come!

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Mandy said...

Your boys are beautiful! I can't believe how big they look here.

Also, that ring is awesome.