Monday, August 22, 2011

2 Months Old - July 21, 2011

Ellis is laying on Truett

Truett and Ellis

Now that the boys are three months old I should tell you about their two month appointment...  

We went to the doctor on their two month birthday and they got their shots.  It was a relief to finally get their shots and then to let people hold them at church.  It's somewhat of a milestone to accomplish.  I was unsure how the boys would take the shots, but then again they were used to being poked and prodded while they were in the NICU.  Thankfully, our doctor gave the boys tylenol before even giving the shots.  The boys were actually really good with the shots.  They cried so hard in the beginning you couldn't even hear the cry and their little faces turned beat red, but other than that they were not fussy the rest of the day.  
The doctor continues to be impressed with their strength as preemies.  For being 8 weeks early, they have incredible head strength and he feels that they will close the gap between their developmental and chronological age fast.  Not sure how fast that will be, but we'll just take each day at a time.  

They were weighed at their two month appointment....
Truett was 7lb 12oz  and Ellis was 8 lb 5 oz.  They are growing so fast and now that they are almost 3 months old, I believe that they are pushing 10 lbs for sure.  It's pretty crazy to think that they were only 4lb 1oz and 4lb 12oz when they were born.  

Our next doctor appointment is at 4 months.  Can't wait to see how much they have changed by then.

Ellis waiting for the inevitable shots
"yummy Tylenol," says Ellis.
My face is as red as a tomato - Ellis
Truett preparing for his shots
Truett taking it all in... ouch!
Ellis recovering...

Truett recovering from the trauma
As a side note, these little outfits that they are wearing no longer fit.  They were newborn outfits.  We are now wearing 0-3 and 3 month outfits.  Thanks to our friends Andrew and Benjamin we haven't really had to buy any clothes.  Our other twin friends, Mary and Amelia were born today, exactly 3 months younger than Truett and Ellis.  So excited for all these little ones to grow up with lots of playmates.  


Brooke said...

I'm glad they're doing so well! Are they identical? They look very alike in these pictures.

The Beasley's said...

ha see...she asked if they were identical! They look that much alike! I definitely thought so when I held them. They are so sweet in these pictures. I sure do love your little guys :)

Miss G said...

So sweet! Kelly